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Hi there much appreciated reader!

Photo by Judith Simon: http://judithsimon.blogspot.nl/

Photo by Judith Simon: http://judithsimon.blogspot.nl/

Good to see you here, digitally following my trips around the sun. I’m a creature with many interests, amongst which science, nature, friendships, writing and God. I’m a behavioural biologist by training, but currently undertaking a PhD on health research in great apes at the University of Amsterdam. I use the MinION (a portable DNA sequencer) to genetically identify great ape parasites, so that we can study them in the field.

I believe we’re all travelling every day, whether it be abroad or to and from our own backyard. And travelling is the thing that inspires me, sparks my creativity. It requires an attentive eye, a slower pace and an open mind. So on this blog I share the things I notice while travelling through time and space. Sometimes from abroad (e.g. Namibia or Panama), sometimes from the perspective of my personal life. Written by either the biologist, the friend or the child of God in me, with the intent to encourage you on your own life’s journey.

After all, we’ve only got one life. So, in the words of late Mary Oliver, ‘tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

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