Breaking point

I have this very ‘Lifehack’-approved storage system for my earrings. Two rubber bands, one at the top of my mirror and one at the bottom. So convenient: when you’re dressed you can look at your reflection and immediately decide which pair of earrings match your current outfit.

The rubber band came into use roughly one year ago, and is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Last night I hung my earrings back before going to bed and I noticed the ruptures and weak spots. The storage system is reaching its breaking point.

Currently I have two options:

  1. Ignore the cracks and keep using it. Then one day the support system will break, my earrings will fall down, and some of them might be irreplaceably damaged.
  2. Carefully replace the fragile rubber band with a new one. Take off the earrings one by one, put them somewhere safe, take off the old rubber band and put a new one in place.

Option 2 takes two things: an attentive eye and time to take action. If you don’t even notice the cracks in your life, body or mind, you can’t take steps to change for the better. And if you don’t choose to make time now to fix the rubber band – a small, relatively worthless item – you might lose things that have far more value to you. Like your resilience, relationships or physical future health.

We all have different ways in which we discover our cracks. Sometimes you’re blessed with the right people around you, that point you in the right direction. Sometimes the cracks go unnoticed, until you notice yourself getting weaker and take the warning signal serious. Some other times we’re so good at suppressing our bodies’ signals that we break far before we became aware of any crack.

The cracks don’t matter. It’s the way you choose to heal. Self care is important, relationships can help, some people find refuge in writing or walking, I find refuge in God. They are all ways to replace the rubber band. As long as you make the time to take action. I’m afraid you don’t have another option.